NEGATIVE IMPACT OF THE INTERNET – The Internet is a technology product.

A product certainly has a negative and positive impact. Negative or positive impacts can be felt by all walks of life, including students. The positive or negative impact of the internet for the students of course arising from the way the use of the Internet itself. The use of the Internet as a medium of fast-paced connection is already not easily separated from our lives. All sorts of communication problems can be solved with the internet. The positive and negative impacts of internet for learners certainly do not come together. The positive impact should be more dominant, if the way of internet usage is true. The positive and negative impacts on the learner are not absolute. The judgment lies in what is felt personally. However, in general it can be concluded about the loss or negative impact of the internet for students.

Online game is a new phenomenon in child’s game model. This game appeared shortly after the advent of internet era. This online game is arguably the continuation of previous games that utilize the presence of a computer. Online games are very popular for children. Almost no children who do not like this game model. Online game providers are always crowded with children. Although busy, a child who is playing games via the internet almost does not require interaction with friends around, because facing in front of the eyes is a dead object that is computer and internet. Therefore be careful, because this game can pose a danger to these children. The dangers of this online game can have an impact on the health and development of child psychology. It is our duty as parents to protect our children from the negative impact of online games.

Internet Hazards For Students, Students and Employees.

The rapid development of technology in today’s era, making it easier for human beings to get the things they need. Internet that take shelter in the world of technology, now present as a multifunctional media. Undoubtedly, the presence of the internet has had an enormous impact on human development. The impact of internet bandarq presence as a multifunctional medium for human beings can be positive and negative. Many positive sides can be obtained, but not a few negative side that will diraup if used the wrong way. Internet that has a role as a medium for sharing information that is realtime and up to date, can also function as an educational media that presents various kinds of learning without limits. Not a few students, even students who complete the tasks. READ is a way of getting information from something written (wikipedia). KAJI is the process of examining / examining something that we want to know the truth. While EDIT is a revamp process to improve / refine from existing ones. Three processes (Read, Kaji, Edit) will have a very positive effect if the three items were implemented by internet users in completing the task. While things that often occur in completing the task of school, college, or office rely only on reading a little of the articles obtained to match the word in the post plastered with the contents of the article being searched. Just by using the CRTL + A or DRAG MOUSE feature then PASTE it into the worksheet without going through the perfect READ (reading) process let alone review or edit. This attitude is unfortunate when it is constantly being applied in completing a task. As a result, the multifunction presented on the internet will create spoiled humans who fool themselves. The task can be finished and get the best value but the negative impact will be felt is over time the process of reasoning and critical thinking will gradually be eroded until eventually become lost and will create manut personality for what is presented.

The dangers of online games for children’s health.

Playing online games is identical to sitting long hours in front of the monitor screen. A boy who gamers the game will feel at home sitting in front of the computer. The child does not even need close interaction with friends or close people, unless there is a problem with the game he or she is engaged in. If it is done continuously then the danger of online games on children’s health can come at any time. These include:

  • Eye fatigue 

The first danger is eye fatigue (eye strain). This is an exhausted eye condition after being used intensely and for a long time. The eyes are constantly “forced” to stare at the same objects as TVs, monitors, or microscopes. Usually the game maniacs beside staring at the monitor continuously, they also often forget to blink so it even adds to eye fatigue.

  • Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids

The next negative impact of online games is hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid is a consequence of sitting static in a short time so that the blood circulation is not smooth and urgent vein of blood in the anal area. As a result blood vessels become prominent and it feels pain and heat.

  • Reduced metabolism

Online games are minimal with physical activity. If the muscles for too long do not perform physical activity will result in reduced body metabolism. In the long term the impact of online games for health such as decreased muscle mass, obesity, back pain, decreased immune system so easily affected by the disease.

  • Wrist muscle syndrome

Also called carpal tunnel syndrome. Characterized by tingling, numbness, weakness and muscle damage in the wrist and fingers. The cause is the pressure and nervous tension in the wrist that serves to feel and move the hands and fingers.

  • Eat and break irregularl

Almost every online game maniac boy has experienced this. Their diet and breaks change according to their game schedule. Time to eat and rest becomes irregular. This condition is of course vulnerable to the health of the child in question.